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7/22/2019 : 9:05 pm : +0300


Balusha of Golden Idt

British shorthair black golden ticked

BRI ny25

Date of birth: 15 October 2017.

PKD Gentest - negative

Blood group - A

british shorthair golden tic tabby ny25
Balusha of Golden Idt, 1 year old


Sunday 02. January 2011
New photos of Litter "В" kittens

Silver chinchilla boy

Our Litter "В" kittens are 1 month and 3 weeks old now. They are growing and today these kittens are a very agile and energetic team; it wasn't really easy to make them pose in front of the camera :) You can find more photos and...

Thursday 11. November 2010
A Surprise!!!

british silver and golden shaded and point kittens

On November 9, 2010 Queen of Beauty delivered Xenon's children too. She gave birth to 1 golden shaded boy, chinchilla boy and 2 golden point girls. These girls you first golden point children in our cattery! The names of the...

Sunday 21. March 2010
Litter "U" new photos

Umberto and Una, 1 month 3 weeks

The babies from Litter "U" are 1 month and 3 weeks old now and we made some new photos. This charming pair is posing in front of the camera very willingly and it was a pleasure to make photos. You can see all their photos on the...

Sunday 14. February 2010
We have more kittens - Litter "U".

British silver shaded kittens

On January, 31th we got kittens from the pair of Janis Diamond-Pro and british silver shaded Queen of Beauty Peppercats. Beauty delivered two silver shaded kittens - boy and girl. The kittens already had opebed their eyes and we...