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Whats up?

Tuesday 12. January 2010
First photos of Litter "S" Kittens

British shorthair kitten - blue girl Shelly

Our youngest british shorthair kittens from "S" litter are one and a half month old now. They are very promising and we expect them to grew big and strong. We made their first photo session today.

Sunday 29. November 2009
We got still more kittens!

On November, 25th in our Cattery there were born three british shorthair kittens of various colors. Our lilac british shorthair lady Beatrice has given birth to three very large, fine kids. There are 2 girls...

Tuesday 09. December 2008
Blue british shorthair kittens - Litter "H"

[Translate to english:] британский котенок

New photos available

Saturday 15. November 2008
Our lilac british shorthair Beatrice delivered 6 blue british shorthair kittens

blue british shorthair kittens

Litter "H" was born on November 14, 2008. There were delivered 6 nice healthy kittens - 1 girl and 5 boys. All british kittens have blue color.

Sunday 27. January 2008
Our blue british shorthair kittens are growing!

[Translate to english:] голубой британский котенок

Our british kittens are walking a little, they are trying to climb out of their home, and they had learnt the taste of fresh meat!

Tuesday 08. January 2008
We got blue british shorthair kittens!

Last night Beatrice delivered six pretty blue british shorthair kittens - 5 boys and one girl. Check for updates!

Sunday 17. June 2007
One more week to wait...

Sunday 10. June 2007
Bessie is pregnant

Lilac british shorthair Bessie